Mountain Language by Harold Pinter

Mountain Language by Harold Pinter

October 4-19, 2019

Presented by Theatre on Fire

A brief and powerful study of repression by one of the master playwrights of the English-speaking theatre. Set in a detention center where the inmates are forbidden to speak their own language, the play evokes, in four short scenes, a shocking awareness of the terror, brutality, and inhumanity which can occur when the rights of the individual have been usurped by an all-powerful and oppressive state.

“Strobe flashes of totalitarian cruelty...What makes the landscape quintessentially Mr. Pinter's is the author's skill at compressing so much black laughter and blacker action into so few words.” - The New York Times

"Mountain Language" runs approximately 20-25 minutes and we are NOT pairing it with another one act (see more on that below). We believe the impact of the play is more potent this way.

Due to the short length of the play, all tickets for this production are only $10 (with no fees). After every performance, we'll have some wine in the lobby if you'd like to stay and informally chat with the cast, crew and other audience members.

While we're not producing another one act alongside "Mountain Language," we ARE presenting - as a sort of theatrical appetizer - a three-minute secret play just before the main event. The secret play is really secret - you can only find out what it is if you come!

Young Woman: Srin Chakravorty
Older Woman: Jenny Gutbezahl
Sergeant: Lucas Commons-Miller
Officer/Hooded Man: Chris Wagner
Prisoner: Shahjehan Khan
Guard: Michael Blunt
Second Guard: Sara Kerr