The Happy End

The Happy End

April 6-13, 2019

Presented by The Wilbury Theatre Group

The Happy End is a sit-uation comedy. It features an assortment of chairs.

Or it's the story of the absurdity of office work, minus the story.

Or it's a job fair, theatre company, furniture storeroom, several questionnaires, some eggs. Dedicated to all creative people trapped in cubicles, and the starry-eyed unpaid interns they once were, the piece is athletically adapted from Mónica de la Torre's book The Happy End/All Welcome, which is based on Martin Kippenberger's installation, "The Happy End of Franz Kafka's Amerika," a novel Kafka never finished and Kippenberger never read.

Stine An
Kate Colby
Matt Derby
Zoe Guttenplan

​ adapted by Darcie Dennigan from Mónica de la Torre's book The Happy End/All Welcome
​published by Ugly Duckling Presse in 2017.

​ THE HAPPY END is presented by The Wilbury Group's new works development program, Studio W.

This production has received a StageSource Standing O for their work towards achieving gender parity in New England theatre.