Nosferatu, The Vampyr

Nosferatu, The Vampyr

March 19-28, 2020

Presented by Sparkhaven Theatre

Nosferatu, The Vampyr is a subversion of a tale known too well, delving into the queerness of horrors of then and now, told through drama, song, film, riddle, and lip-sync. This rendition of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and F.W. Murnau’s film follows Harker and Will as they navigate love, plague, and sacrifice, all while the paranoia sets in.

Written by M. Sloth Levine, featuring an original score by Alissa Voth, directed by Hannah Pryfogle, and performed by a mostly non-binary cast, Nosferatu, The Vampyr is an unearthly original play that delights and terrifies.


Actor 1 (Harker): Dev Blair

Actor 2 (Will): Maurice Palmer

Actor 3 (Orlock): Jo Michael Rezes

Actor 4 (Van Helsing): Katie Grindeland

Actor 5 (Lucy/Knock): Victoria Brancazio

Actor 6/Violin: Rebecca Elowe

Cello: Bri Tagliaferro

Piano: Andrew Gaffney


Playwright: M Sloth Levine

Composer: Alissa Voth

Director: Hannah Pryfogle

Lighting Designer: Read Davidson

Scenic Designer: Abby Shenker

Costume Designer: Theona White

Props Designer: Kelly Smith

Puppetry Designer: Erin McCarthy

Choreographer: Felton Sparks

Violence/Intimacy Designer: Jessica Scout Malone

Producers: John Meredith and Geena M. Forristall

This production has received a StageSource Standing O for their work towards achieving gender parity in New England theatre.