March 28-April 13, 2019

Presented by Also Known As Theater

Marjorie is home alone when a man enters through her unlocked door, attacks her, and attempts to rape her. But Marjorie is able to subdue him and decides to tie her attacker up in the fireplace. When Marjorie’s roommates, Terry and Patricia, come home, the three grapple with what to do next and the implications of their limited options. If women’s accounts of sexual assault are not believed, what lengths must they go to in order to feel safe? What constitutes consent? And what does it mean to be both a victim and a perpetrator of violence? William Mastrosimone’s play is just as relevant today as it was 35 years ago, and shines a light on the obstacles victims of sexual assault face when they seek justice.

This production has received a StageSource Standing O for their work towards achieving gender parity in New England theatre.

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First Church in Cambridge, Congregational
11 Garden Street Cambridge, MA 02138